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on 25 Jul, 21:33

New Brunswick Approves Two Puffins Dispensaries

New Brunswick Approves Two Puffins Dispensaries

New Brunswick has approved two marijuana retail establishments and one manufacturing business.

The two facilities, located at 355 and 382 George St., will serve patients and the public as well. The stores will operate from 10 a.m. until midnight, with a closing time of 8 p.m. if the establishment is within 200 feet of a residential zone.

Both manufacturing and retail marijuana establishments will be regulated by the state, and will be able to sell both medical and recreational marijuana.

First Location

The first location will be along Jersey Avenue, with a plan to expand later. It is home to NBFC, Fathom Cannabis, DC Vitality, and LBOZ, which are all allowed to operate in the Cultivation/Manufacturing/Distribution/Delivery of Cannabis Overlay zone by the Toronto cannabis dispensaries.

The two remaining locations, NB Green Delivery and LB OZ, are pursuing cultivation, wholesale distribution, and delivery licenses.

Second Location

The second location will be located on Jersey Avenue. The location is adjacent to NBFC, DC Vitality, and LB OZ.

These dispensaries will be located on the same street as the NBFC location. LBOZ will be in the same building, but will be located further away on Jersey Avenue.

The company will be located in the same Cultivation/Manufacturing/Distribution/Delivery Overlay zone.

Fathom Cannabis is a growing business, while NB Green Delivery, DC Vitality, and BOZ will operate in different locations. Both will be located along Jersey Avenue. NB Green Delivery, LB OZ, and DC Vitality are in the process of obtaining cultivation and delivery licenses.

The company hopes to open a location near the popular shopping area of Jersey Avenue. The three dispensaries are part of a larger cannabis community in New Jersey.

It is the first dispensary to be located on Jersey Avenue. It is the only medical marijuana dispensary in New Jersey. The business’s license is a good sign for the local community, but it does not mean that NBFC is the only licensed dispensary in the area.

However, it is important to note that the other cannabis businesses in the area are not permitted to operate there.

Licensed Cultivation

The dispensary is located along Jersey Avenue. NBFC is a licensed Cultivation/Manufacturing/Distribution/Delivery facility. It will also have a Fathom Cannabis retail business along Jersey Avenue.

LBOZ and NB Green Delivery are attempting to obtain wholesale distribution licenses. The other two will be located on the east side of the dispensary. They are both located on Jersey Avenue.

The new Cultivation/Manufacturing/Distribution/Delivery Overlay zone will allow the establishments of DC Vitality, NBFC, and LBOZ. Fathom Cannabis and DC Vitality will be located along Jersey Avenue.

The companies also plan to open a delivery and cultivation dispensary in the same building. Meanwhile, NB Green Delivery and LBOZ are attempting to obtain cultivation and wholesale distribution licenses.


NBFC, DC Vitality, and LBOZ are permitted in the Cultivation/Manufacturing/Distribution/Delivery of Cannabis Overlay zone. The company is expected to be located along Jersey Avenue.

The two other businesses, Fathom Cannabis and LBOZ, are currently working to obtain delivery and cultivation licenses. A final license could be granted in the coming months. Once this is approved, the dispensary is scheduled to open in Jersey Avenue.

Bottom Line

Puffins Dispensary is a legal dispensary that is located along Yonge St in Toronto. The Cultivation/Manufacturing/Distribution/Delivery Overlay zone is a cannabis regulatory zone.

The two companies are aiming to build a dispensary on this site, along with a medical marijuana clinic. There are no restrictions on where the businesses will locate their new locations, as long as they are within the city’s city limits.

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